Durham Family Advisory Board Kickoff Dinner

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Durham Family Advisory Board Kickoff Dinner

The Durham Family Advisory Board kickoff dinner was a smashing success and came with a surprising benefit.

Members and guests of the new organization met at the kb food restaurant in downtown Whitby to celebrate the launch of the group, whose main purpose is to raise money for charitable organizations in the Durham Region.

Board chair Rodney Estabrooks of Assante Wealth Management welcomed the group and explained the intentions of the Durham Family Advisory Board.

“I know this group is going to do a tonne for the community,” Estabrooks said as he welcomed those in attendance. “I have been passionate about giving back to our community for over twenty years but it is great to formalize it with the Durham Family Advisory Board.”

Durham Family Advisor Board kickoff Dinner
Anna Vanden Kroonenberg (left) and Board member Lisa Levy.
David and Chantal Wood. Left side of table is John and Heather Hohol.
Durham Family Advisor Board kickoff Dinner
Board member Rodney Estabrooks (left), Brandon Richardson and Sharon Williams.
Durham Family Advisor Board kickoff Dinner
Omar Wisdom and Matt Dyck.

The Durham Family Advisory Board is made up of seven members who are connected through their work in helping individuals, families and businesses through real estate, financial planning, insurance, mortgages and commercial lending.

“This is a local based group with local business owners and so we want to make sure our money goes to our community, stays within the community and makes an impact,” said board member Dan Bramham of Dominion Lending, while addressed the gathering. “By partnering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, it is important that it is the DURHAM Big Brothers and Big Sisters. We want to become their biggest donor.  It seems pretty doable with the events that we have planned. We want to have a local impact that will make a noticeable difference.”

The group was treated to an incredible dinner and cooking lesson from kb owner and chef Kevin Brown, who was helped in creating an amazing culinary experience by wine expert Ross Scott of The Case for Wine.

Dave Ecklund (left), Peter Trimble, Tamar Daniel
and Board member Paul Vorstadt.
Rodney Estabrooks introduces the Board to our guests.
Ross Scott, Wine Sommelier — The Case for Wine and chef Kevin Brown of the kb restaurant.
Board member Dan Bramham addresses the crowd.

Afterward, Estabrooks made a surprising announcement.

“You may have seen a gentleman come in and quickly leave to go to another engagement. I asked him if he would like to be part of the Golf for Kids event,” said Estabrooks, who helped start the tournament over 20 years ago. “He said, ‘Not only do I want to be part of it but I want to donate $10,000 toward it.’

“This is how these things kind of start and it excites me. If we can help one child at a time, one family at a time that’s what we are going to do. That is our first donation within minutes of kicking this off.”

It is clear that good things are just beginning as the Durham Family Advisory Board is already making plans for its first fundraising event with the spotlight on helping the people in our community.

“Tonight is an introduction to the group that we have formed. It is a fantastic group of people. Its a group that has a long history of charitable giving,” said board member Paul Vorstadt of Assante Wealth Management. “But let’s take all of that energy, all of those resources and let’s focus it on to something specific. Let’s focus on our own backyard.”

The Board would like to personally thank all of our esteemed guests that attending our function on February 28th. We hope to see you again soon at our next function!

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