Durham Family Advisory Board member Paul Vorstat

Paul Vorstadt

For the better part of two decades Paul Vorstadt has been pulling back the curtain on the world of finance. He and his team have broken away from the traditional Wall Street/Bay Street business model by embracing their role as client advocates offering advice based on a fiduciary relationship of loyalty and trust.

With a strategy designed to reduce the emotional anxiety of trying to maintain, grow and ultimately pass on their wealth Paul encourages and assists his clients in taking control of their wealth planning needs today, so they are prepared for the uncertainties and challenges the future may bring. By eliminating the stress that comes from the feeling of financially having to do something without knowing what that something is, Paul provides his clients a greater ability to embrace today.

There is no better experience for Paul than watching a client who enters his office feeling overwhelmed and frustrated leave with an overwhelming sense of calm – a feeling that comes from gaining control over ones finances. As one client stated, “That’s what I was missing.”( Lee Jacobson, client since 2012).

Specialties: Portfolio Management, Wealth Planning, Retirement Planning, Income Planning, Risk Management, Financial Planning, Exit Strategy’s, Stress Testing, ETF’s, Securities, Mutual Funds, Investments, Insurance Planning and Divorce Financial Analysis

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